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Pro-Spection provides you with a detailed inspection report that covers hidden defects, water infiltration, condensation and more.

We also offer lab analysis for water and asbestos.

Have your comprehensive report within 48 hours of your inspection!

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection
Our Pre-Purchase home inspection will surpass your expectations

A Pre-Purchase inspection gives you the assurance to buy a home without hesitation or uncertainty. Your inspection report will give you a detailed analysis of your prospective purchase including recommendations for areas that need improvement, repair, or maintenance.

A home inspection is a crucial step that should never be overlooked.

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The Complete
Pre-Purchase Home Inspection:​​

We use every tool and resource available to help you make an informed decision on your prospective purchase. Many inspectors provide a visual-only inspection, however we offer thermal imaging complementary to all our inspections to make sure you gain a complete understanding of the home before you buy! Our pre-purchase inspection looks beyond the surface to examine and identify any hidden defect which may pose a risk to your family’s safety and diminish the possibility of unforeseen costs.

The complete pre-purchase inspection covers all aspects, including:
-Landscape -Exterior -Roof -Windows and doors – Insulation -Plumbing -Electricity -HVAC -Structure -Garage -Fireplace and chimney -Decks, porches and balconies

We are devoted to providing you with the most comprehensive report available within 48 hours of inspection.

Also offering lab analysis for:

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Are you buying your first home?
We offer a first time home buyer’s inspection that’s perfect for you!

Included in your inspection, you will receive:

-An inspection that will advance at your own pace to allow you to appreciate and understand the finer details of the home

-Exceptional consideration to your questions and needs throughout the inspection process

-A clear and straightforward inspection report that will respond to all aspects of your prospective purchase

-Assistance in understanding your report and its content

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Pre-Purchase Condo Inspection

A condo is only a small part of a larger building, so why have it inspected?

A pre-purchase inspection is an essential step in any real-estate transaction. It provides you with an indispensable report on the condition of the individual components and mechanics of the condo unit.

In a condominium complex any unobserved issue with a condo unit can cause problems for your neighbors as well as yourself. Having an inspection will diminish the risk of any unforeseen damage and costs as well as protect your security.

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Pre-Reception Home Inspection
Are you having a new home built?

Sometimes a new construction doesn’t go quite as planned and issues can arise without being properly resolved. Mandating an inspector to work with your contractor will ensure that your home is built to your specifications as well as the construction code.

We inspect the foundation, all structural components, the landscaping as well as the quality of the craftsmanship and materials used.

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Home Maintenance Inspection
Are you comfortably settled into your home? Great! We want to keep it that way!

We all want our homes to last forever, however this doesn’t happen without some effort on our part.Having your home inspected every 4 to 7 years is the ideal way to make sure your investment retains its value and endures for years to come.

Your home maintenance inspection comes with an annual checklist for you to perform on your home between periodical inspections. This checklist will make you more familiar with your home and its needs.

A home maintenance inspection targets:

-Sealant around openings
-Doors and windows
-Decks, porches and balconies
-Toilets and showers
-GFCI outlets

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-Reveal repairs and investments you’ll need  before you buy

-Reduce the risk of unwanted surprises before and after you move in

-Give youself the peace of mind of knowing you’ve made a sound buying decision

-Know invaluable details about every aspect of your new home

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