Thermal Imaging

A non-invasive means of monitoring the condition of your living space. 

Reveal potential structural and moisture issues as well as energy efficiency issues.


A thermal imaging diagnostic is a kind of non-intrusive, non-destructive testing which allows us to search for and diagnose issues within a building.


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A thermal imaging camera is a resourceful tool that utilizes infrared light to diagnose a variety of issues. Because infrared light cannot be seen with the naked eye a thermal imaging camera helps us to detect deficiencies in a building which lie beneath the surface.These deficiencies come in many forms: water and air infiltration, lack of insulation, plumbing and electrical issues, defects in the building’s envelope, all of which could easily be missed without a thermal imaging diagnostic! Paired with a moisture meter, this service offers an unrivaled quality inspection that every prospective home buyer deserves.

Obtaining a diagnostic with a thermal imaging camera can prevent the need to open the walls or ceiling to detect a problem. Because a thermal imager is such a versatile tool we have integrated it’s use into all of our inspections as a complementary service!

Below are a few issues that we have detected with a thermal imaging camera. Without it, these problems would have been inherited by the new owners.

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